The Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500

In a need of an awesome sound and avoiding pricey tags?

We’ve got you covered. Bookshelf speakers are not new on the market. Over the years companies built models and models, competing with each other which in customer terms means you’ve got the best offered to you with price varying from $100 dollars to $1500 respectively. Our main focus is to help you find the quality speakers while not having to spend over $500. Amazon offers more than enough models of Bookshelf speakers under $500 and we’ll count down our top picks in the section below. While at the same time we give a brief description of our favorites we would also list the pros and cons for each, as well as the overall experience for each.

Bookshelf speakers are a must when looking for a personal acoustic heaven. Whether you aim for a studio feeling or simply enjoy the exquisite sound, they do transform space in their own way. And whether you aim to be a producer, composer or simply prefer the comfort of your home at its fullest, bookshelf speakers we list down are there to help you find the ideal one for your household.

Our top Bookshelf speakers under $500

  1. Audioengine A5+
  2. Elac Uni-fi UB5
  3. ELAC Debut B6
  4. Wharfedale Denton
  5. Vanatoo Transparent One
  6. Wharfedale Diamond 220
  7. KEF Q100
  8. Edifier S1000DB 


Audioengine A5+

The first Audioengine speakers were created in 2007, which conveyed a great deal of sound at the cost, utilizing their 3.5mm inserts. Following a couple of years at the planning phase, we now have another and overhauled display accessible. It is easy to spot same things between the two models, for instance the A5+'s still utilizes the matte dark ending theme and styling utilized on its forerunner despite the fact that the speakers are somewhat huge. The AudioEngine A5+  are the best utilized speakers under $500 fit for creating 50W for each channel, doing this with 20mm silk arch tweeters and 13cm Kevlar woofers. So what is the distinction you may ask does the in addition to sign really mean anything or are these only a version with a change or two of the first A5 speakers.

 Notwithstanding, there definitely is another port framework included into the back nearby another heat sink to help scatter the warmth created, this not just enhances the general sound quality but it also guarantees that the speaker is profoundly proficient even with the volume turned up. There are presently full-measure speaker terminals that you can interface both stereo outputs and inputs utilizing speaker links with banana plugs. The 3.5mm insert lot still stays, as well as the USB port that takes into account the charging of compact gadgets, in spite of the fact that these are currently at the back as opposed to other being at the top. The speakers are now accompanied with a remote control, which takes into consideration fundamental capacities for volume control, however generally speaking the sound quality is certainly a major change over the past models. The Audioengine A5+ are the best speakers to provide a dynamic and softer sound at the same time, their sonic scale is observed to be superior to anything that of a comparable size. Its sonic adjusting gives a superior quality and softer sound than that found on unique models. It would bode well to put the A5+ as an advantageous move up to any 2.1 desktop speaker framework.


  • Admirable volume range
  • Several input ports
  • Cutting edge design


  • Not much of a high bass at the overall sound
  • No AC port built-in


Elac Uni-Fi UB5

As it was set to hit the market the ELAC Uni-fi UB5 was predicted to be on top of the best spending bookshelf speaker suggestion diagrams, however there were some little imperfections some client experienced. For example, the dim green color and going to pieces from within. The motivation behind the Amazon reviews and the answer on the question why the ELAC Uni-fi UB5 has such an increased buzz is on the account of its utilization of a concentric driver. This implies they put a tweeter inside the midrange, which is the explanation for the Uni-fi name, which was given for promoting.

 The route in which these under $500 amplifiers are organized maintains a strategic distance from any impedance between the drivers and furthermore goes about as an initial point for directional sounds. Mentioned Uni-Fi speakers are a 3-way configuration utilizing a blend of comparative driver sorts, these being: 5 and a quarter inch aluminum-cone woofer, 4" aluminum-cone midrange and a 1" delicate smooth tweeter. This UB5 screen packs every one of the three of these drivers into its packaging which is close to a foot in height. There's a motivation behind why the Elac Uni-fi UB5 are known as the best stereo speakers under $500 and it is because of its reality class plan and consistent with life sound they merited them this place on the rundown.


  • Outline of the box for bass-reflex
  • Exquisite black finish
  • Space improving sub


  • Extensive usage of power
  • App required for the ultimate control


ELAC Debut B6

The ELAC mark has been with us since late 1920's, initially established in Germany it has a long legacy of creating superb audiophile and hifi speakers. It doesn't have an indistinguishable style from a significant number of the cutting edge speakers today, yet has a solid and enchanting nearness. The B6's are one of the biggest stand mountable speakers in the ELAC production which places the on our list.Possessing a two-way driver setup that uses a 25mm fabric vault tweeter and a 16.5cm Woofer, also the back terminating reflex port, which delivers those additional low-end sounds. ELAC swears that the midrange drivers'that are in fact Woven Aramid Fiber Cones, offer a superior recurrence yield extend and a general smoother sound. With regards to quality the ELAC Debut B6's truly convey the merchandise, with loads of high caliber and rich sound being created in the early phases of certain tunes and additionally permitting the instruments the space they should have to relax. With the general adjust of the speaker being great, aside from low quality inputs, which demonstrate a little rough parts in, treble is expected every now and then. Be that as it may, once you let the tweeter adjust in, it will achieve its walk and carry with it an all the more intense sound.


  • Profound sound for the mid bass
  • Fashioned outline
  • Balanced sound dispersion


  • Easily damaged outline corners


Wharfedale Denton

With numerous sound production companies being generally new and not very many being around for longer than 50 years the list of those with the history of quality drops down to a few names. Wharfedale is one of those companies that recently celebrated 80 years in business and has delivered the Denton stand-mountable speakers to praise this great turning point. Their speakers are intended to have that retro look which demonstrates their legacy, with the mahogany lacquer wood outline. Nonetheless, behind this old-fashioned design awaits quite a lot of building flawlessness and front line sound innovation technology to be experienced. The Wharfedale Denton includes a mid/bass driver which utilizes the woven Kevlar cone, with the outer box encompass being made of 3 wood pieces set together to help the use and perfection the resonances of the speaker itself. By utilizing a ferrite magnet, Wharfedale have figured out how to utilize delicate vault tweeters to give an all the more spotless and delicate sound at higher frequencies. Obviously the primary purpose behind obtaining any speaker is for the sound quality and the Wharfedale certainly puts on a show of being a solid contender when contrasted with alternate speakers on the market. On the off chance that you are buying speaker for bass and rhythm, at that point a speaker in the comparative value range would be a better buy for you for the Wharefedale is all about the old soft sound.

In any case… In case that you are hoping to take it easy while tuning in, we don't feel that there is a superior speaker out there that will provide you with this much comfort. It possesses a smooth treble, a midrange and a rich full-bodied bass this speaker set suites any individual who is searching for a simple listening background regardless of the recording nature of the sound that is to pass through them.


  • Easy for usage
  • Long-term quality
  • Profound and soft sound


  • Rhythm and Bass lacking precision


Vanatoo Transparent One

The Vanatoo Transparent One speakers brag a minimal outline which makes them the ideal size to put on your bookshelf, in any case they are bigger than the normal speakers utilized on desktops. Being around 12 pounds each and around 10" in height, these speakers can be viewed as reduced in outline and happen to be great gaming speakers that can be utilized for music and films too. Every speaker contains a 5.25" aluminum woofer, with a similar size aloof radiator on the back and gloating a 1" silk arch tweeter at the front. This development creates a warm and clean audio sound, which numerous different speakers need inside a similar value run. Taking a gander at the back of the speakers, there is a gigantic scope of controls and contributions, with four information sorts at present accessible.

These association sorts are: USB, 3.5mm and Toslink optical and be that as it may, don't expect the quality or accuracy of a completely fledged multi-input switcher, or the capacity to change the data sources. Despite the fact that there is a scope of inputs offered, there must be one dynamic association at any given moment and keeping in mind the end goal to interface another information, the present information should be evacuated before this will be conceivable. Getting a more critical take a gander at the back of the speaker and control board, there is controls for dynamic speaker, bass, volume control, treble and a left and right switch that will help with area setup. The Vanatoo Transparent One are an extraordinary tabletop bookshelf speakers that stand well all alone even without a subwoofer, in any case on the off chance that you are searching for a more bass filled yield, at that point it would be best for you to introduce a subwoofer into your speaker design. From the start it is clear to tell that the Transparent Ones create a superior sound than standard speakers accessible.


  • High end volume
  • Several input channels
  • Profoundly rich sound


  • Design lacking modern touch


Wharfedale Diamond 220

With the classic long gone established Diamond 121's which were discounted for their low quality and poor complete, Wharfedale has returned solid with their new Diamond 220 model. This is of the best esteem bookshelf speaker, which is a honor mention for its slick and smooth appearance. With a value dropping down given the reputation this model had to be mentioned. The general overview was less than pleasing on the Diamond 121's and the staining was basically disappointment. In any case, reviewing the Diamond 220's it is clear to see that they have reclaimed to planning phase in an offer to enhance their general quality. While they may not look the most tasteful speaker available, they look sufficient to maintain a strategic distance from any significant negative feedback.

Taking a gander at the box development, which flopped on the past model: Wharfedale has utilized similar materials at the same time, have utilized a sandwich strategy to make an even surface to stick on the vinyl. This gives a smooth ending and averts swells seen in past models. Utilizing the blend of MDF and chipboard, it has hosed the resonances and keep the box itself from delivering excessively on the sound in general. The thought behind is that you hear more from the driver units inside the speaker than the box itself, which provides a more profound sound. There has likewise been a move up to the magnet, the Diamond 220's currently accompanied a 13cm woven Kevlar mid/bass driver, making it simpler to deliver on the sound and enhance the general responsiveness of the speaker. The unusual stacked port dispersion, which was first observed on the first 100 arrangement, shows up in the Diamond 220's as well. In any case, it has been managed with to help decrease the measure of external sounds heard through playback, the general plan is said to be more effective than the old ports utilized on numerous different speakers. Indeed, even with the reputation of the previous models the Wharfedale speakers can oversee even the most low-end of basslines, it gives out a profound and dexterous sound, which is preferable quality over found in its antecedent. Overall finish is what gives this speaker a number at our list and is worth checking out.


  • Detailed exquisite finish
  • Great quality build
  • Large space adapted


  • Traditional shape


KEF Q100

The KEF Q100 speakers are a portion of the exquisite quality speakers accessible today, particularly with regards to bass reaction and vocal clearness. They likewise happen to be the best bookshelf speakers for playing vinyl music utilizing a new age turntable of sorts and the sound of music through the speakers being more exquisite and clean. While tuning in to your music, the clearness of the speakers implies that it is anything but difficult to select certain instruments, not at all like a portion of alternate speakers available which we felt made every one of the instruments appear to be scattered. The fact that you are searching for the super quality speaker that is anything but difficult to tune in to for extended periods without agony from ear exhaustion, at that point the KEF Q100 is certainly the one for you. With the Q100's having the capacity to deliver casual and agreeable sounds, while as yet displaying the music in high detail. With regards to the tweeter format on the KEF Q100 speakers, they utilize their own particular special design known as Uni-Q format.

This essentially implies they have put a tweeter within the midrange driver. Despite the fact that this course of action is not financially savvy, it offers an expansion in timing and cognizance, as the majority of the sounds created by this hi-fi speaker begins from the same point. There is a little contrast in timing between the tweeter and the midrange driver, be that as it may it is just a millisecond, implying that it is exceptionally troublesome for the mind to acknowledge. With regards to genuine living, voices or instruments which start from the same point, the KEF Q100's assistance is to copy this better than the usual 2 driver framework utilized as a part of most speakers in general. The sound quality by this spending stereo speaker framework is marvelous. Despite the fact that they might be more costly to a few, when we came to survey them and test their quality we found that the format utilized, induces the music experience to a whole new level. We felt that tuning in for extend periods of time wouldn't be an issue and that the bass was profound, rich and full-bodied, which made it ideal for simple tuning in.


  • Clean sound
  • Easy to use for Movies and Music
  • Quality exceeds the price


  • Not much of a LFE Performance
  • Lack of eye catching design


Edifier S1000DB

With regards to screen speakers, do they should be exact as well as should be precise with their sound. With their principle capacity being for sound designers, who will sit before them while they change sound levels of sound, so having a speakers, which have high caliber, are of high significance. As innovation advances and the period of room music makers develops, it is vital to have speakers that are both high caliber and accessible to be obtained with a low spending plan. The Edifier S1000DB is the ideal match for any music creation condition and happen to be the best speaker on a financial plan. The early introductions of these speakers are that they look extraordinary and are exceptionally smooth, having a wood wrap up these speakers ideal for bookshelves.

With a simple setup and basic remote control, these speakers are perfect for use around the home. Looking at these bookshelf speakers, the Edifier S1000DB speakers give an excellent sound, which would be relied upon because of their smart look. Both the bass and treble give a spotless and fresh stable which can fill a space, the speakers which are arranged inside, are calculated with the goal that it can round out an expansive space effectively. The S1000DB's possess front flame broils over the speakers, these are easily detached yet additionally are there to help to channel the sound from them, and even at high volumes the speakers still have high lucidity and a perfect sound. With a full scope of data sources accessible, for example, USB, Bluetooth, Aux and optical which implies that you can interface your information gadget whichever way suites your necessities the best. These speakers may not give the impression of being effective anyway; they are easy to use and would suit a lounge or room condition.


  • Wide range sound produced
  • Great quality tweeters
  • Several connections at once


  • Require a Settling in
  • Sold separately


Investigating and compiling a list of these speakers, it is critical to remember your objectives and what you are hoping to receive from your speaker framework. A financial plan is the thing that will have the greatest impact on what speaker you are to buy, however with a large number of the speaker frameworks out there having a top notch sound even with a little sticker price, you can simply make sure that you will get a top notch item that performs well. The speakers we have chosen are perfect for the individuals who are the part of the music generation industry and the individuals who appreciate a decent quality sound when tuning in to their music, particularly on the off chance that they tune in over a long stretch. With the market product quickly developing, it is vital to note that in spite of the fact that speakers may appear to be of a low quality in their present model, producers are continually turning out with new thoughts. Exploiting new advancements and packing more components into their speaker frameworks. Be that as it may I trust you were delighted by this and kindly do consider sharing it via social media locales and enable us to advance it.

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